Our mission is to recruit caring, compassionate caregivers who leave a legacy that touches people’s lives with a meaningful impact and positive spirit.

Sandy Jean Julien
RN Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)

My Nursing Journey

My interest in medicine started when I was a young girl. My grandfather died from a simple leg infection, and I thought if only I could have saved him. I moved to the United States of America from Haiti when I was ten years old. My mother encouraged me to go to a specialized high school that offered the opportunity to simultaneously obtain a Licensed Practical Nurse degree and a high school diploma. Since I was a first-generation American, her goal was to ensure that I had a means of making money to support myself.

Starting Young

My nursing career started at age 16. On the weekends, I worked as a Home Health Aide, helping seniors with their activities of daily living (ADLs). Halfway through the program, I was allowed to obtain my Certified Nurse’s Aide (CNA) certification. Once receiving my CNA, I got a job as an aide in a local hospital through a nurse staffing agency – my introduction to that world. I worked part-time as a CNA until I finished high school and passed my Licensed Practical Nurse exam.

Trauma Nurse

After earning my Registered Nurse degree in 2010, I became a Trauma Nurse at one of the most prestigious hospitals in Manhattan, Bellevue Hospital Center. Working in the trauma unit was one of the best nursing experiences of my life because of the relationships I built with both colleagues and patients. I also held leadership roles in both Pathway and Magnet-designated facilities. Wherever I worked, I experienced the politics of nursing and inwardly vowed that this was something I wanted to change someday through mentorship, guidance, and compassion.

Heartfelt Leadership

I always aim to leave a positive mark and achieve excellence in everything I do. I have a heartfelt determination and some grit that come from deep within. As a wife and mother I know how important it is to foster growth while encouraging the joy of a positive work/life balance. With my experience in leadership throughout my nursing career, I understand the importance of encouraging collaboration, teamwork, and respect. That’s why I created Bequest Nursing Solutions – I want to fulfill my vow of helping both caretakers and providers have a better overall experience in the nursing world on both sides.

Care with Heart.